Student Motivation

For those students learning in a parent-engaged environment, motivation can and most often comes from the parent. The parent must engage the student in setting learning goals. Making sure they follow the S.M.A.R.T. goals criteria. That is:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Framed.

Other keys to motivation are making real-world connections, recognizing differences, reward accordingly, collaborate, and recognize differences.

This can be accomplished by having open and honest communications, having trust and believing in the student, dealing with setbacks, and being a good listener.

Ways to accomplish this are to reward for correct actions and behavior, show caring during training, participation and engaging the student, satisfy through student choice, learning with visual aids, positive emotions towards the student, and using energy from the teacher consultant, parent and student.

PSAC Vision & Mission

Core Beliefs

  • Every child will learn basic core knowledge and essential skills
  • Every parent will have quality educational options.
  • Every person in our organization will be a part of a team with a shared vision.
  • Every time we will be accountable for results.
  • Everything we do will be the right thing.


Our vision is to create a high performance educational experience that will give your students the tools for tomorrow, thereby providing them with opportunities they need to succeed in life.


Our mission is to provide access to exceptional curriculum, to enable your student the ability to maximize their potential and to give them positive reinforcement in all they do to succeed in all aspects of their life.

As we enter into this school year, whether it's to help your student graduate early, catch up on credits or have a well rounded educational experience, that is why we are here.

Why Choose PSAC

All instruction is non-denominational and faith-based, dedicated to supporting families as they train their children in faith, character, and academic excellence.

Teacher Consultants are Academy Northwest trained and approved to provide quality education.

Teacher Consultants assist parents in selecting appropriate curriculum that is student-adapted based on their style and needs.

Students have the opportunity in participating in PSAC and Academy Northwest's all-school activities and outdoor school events, as well as graduation.

For those cost-conscious, tuition and fees are highly competitive. Take a look at other area private schools tuitions on our "tuition and fees" page and do your own comparison.