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PSAC's Learning Coaches

Amanda Feldman is our PSAC American Sign Language (ASL) learning coach.

Amanda Feldman has been studying and working in the Deaf community since September of 2004. Amanda has always been interested in the Deaf culture ever since she was a small child. Her cousin who is an interpreter taught her to sign the Alphabet at a young age. When she started college in September of 2004 she found out it was offered at South Seattle Community College it was the first class she signed up for. In 2008 she graduated with a Deaf Studies degree from Seattle Central Community College. Since then she has spent years signing in her local churches, and local pre-schools. It is her passion in life and she enjoys sharing her talent with others.

About Us

Life sometimes interrupts our paths and changes course on us without a blink of an eye. Puget Sound Academic Center is pleased to share our program with you and your children. Feel free to contact us to schedule a "no obligation" consultation to plan our your students' academic plans.

About PSAC Learning Center

The environment here at PSAC is one in which all students have a close relationship with teachers and other students. From a once a week tag-up, to a one-on-one more focused experience with caring and professional guidance, the student, teacher and parent relationshp is nurtured, and an important part to academic success.

At PSAC, we are not a traditional brick and mortar school with too much infrastructure and oversite. The learning center is legally operated out of a personal residence which provides an easy transition from either a homeschooled environment, a gifted student track who needs the room to soar,or a student who needs special attention.

Parents or guardians of students may see anywhere from 1 to 7 students in the classroom. This low, student to teacher ratio, provides for excellent academics and access to teachers and opportunity for family involvement.

Meet our Teacher Consultants and associates

Lead Teacher and Administrator of PSAC:

John C. Elliott

John brings with him an extensive Music Background with a Dual Scholarship to Juliard for Piano and Trumpet. He has been with the Boeing Company for 26 years. He has homeschooled 6 of his own children over the past 25 years. He is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

John is the owner of Unique Consults, a Business and Management Consulting Company specializing in providing business services and web development to small business owners and individuals, as well as for Non-Profit companies.

He currently holds the following Degrees:

Associate of Arts for General Studies from University of Phoenix

Project Management Certificate from Boston University

Bachelors of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with minor in Biblical Literacy from Concordia University Portland

ACSI Teacher (K-12) Professional Certification

Tammie Goddard-Elliott

Tammie Elliott is the Learning Coach who has 25 years experience as a Homeschool Parent. She holds a certification in Educational Development from Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and a certificate in Sports Nutrition; is a 1st Degree Blackbelt in Songham Taekwondo; is a member of the SeaTac/Burien Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); has homeschooled her children (4 graduates and one more at home). She runs the Learning Center and Online Courses for our High School students. Tammie is also a Notary Public.


What others are saying about PSAC!

"A small group setting provides students with excellent hands-on learning experience. The volunteer activities are superb in promoting community service", Chris, a former student's parent

"A place where a student can go where they are fully accepted and through positive encouragement and personal mentoring are able to reach their full potential", Roberta, a former student's guardian